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List of eligible shows and actors

Wait Until Dark (Fall 2018)

Eligible for:

Best Play (Professional)

Actors:  Brandon Alan Gaunt as Mike Talman, Evan Harris as Carlino,  Josh Wilson as Harry Roat, Matthew Quattlebaum as Sam Hendrix. 

Actresses: Claire Clauson as Susan Hendrix, Camila Escobar as Gloria

It's A Wonderful Life (Winter 2018)

Eligible for:

Best Play (Professional)

Actors: Craig Smith as George Bailey, Robert Sims as Mr. Potter, 

Supporting Actors: Evan Harris as Tom Bailey, Cory Granner as Bert, Carter Allen as Ernie, Ben Nicholas as Harry Bailey


Actressess: Latreshia Lilly as Clarice Odbody, Jamie Ann Walters as Mary Bailey


Supporting Actresses: Claire Clauson as Violet Bick, Barbara Rupp as Ma Bailey, Ashely Stowe as Cousin Tilly

Leaving Iowa (Spring 2019)

Eligible for:

Best Play (Professional)

Actors: Todd Janssen as Don, Shane Willimon as Dad, Carter Allen as Multiple Character Guy


Actresses: Beth Munson as Mom, Laura Sykes as Sis, Claire Clauson as Multiple Character Gal


Oliver! (Spring 2019)

Eligible for:

Best Musical (Professional)

Lead Actors: Carter Allen as Fagin, Shaw Shurley as Oliver Twist, Craig Smith as Bill Sikes, Myles Moore as the Artful Dodger, Andrew Anderson as Mr. Bumble

Supporting Actors: Evan Harris as Mr. Sowerberry and Mr. Brownlow, Austin Smith as Noah Claypool 


Lead Actresses: Jamie Ann Walters as Nancy, Latreshia Lilly as Widow Corney

Supporting Actresses: Camila Escobar as Bet, Ashleigh Stowe as Mrs. Sowerberry, Kristi Parker Byers as Old Sally

Catch Me If You Can (Summer 2019)

Eligible for:

Best Musical (Professional)

Lead Actors: Andrew Anderson as Frank Abagnale Jr., Evan Harris as Agent Carl Hanratty, Rick Connor as Frank Abagnale Sr. 

Supporting Actors: Mathew Fricks as Agent Branton, Carter Allen as Agent Cod, and Austin Smith as Agent Dollar, Dan Wilkie as Roger Strong


Lead Actresses: Mary Freeman as Paula Abagnale, Claire Clauson as Brenda Strong 


Supporting Actresses: Kristi Parker Byers as Carol Strong, Jamie Ann Walters as Cheryl Ann

Newsies (Fall 2019)

Eligible for:

Best Musical (Professional)

Lead Actors: John C. Leggett as Jack Kelly, Jack Sterner as Davey, Joel Dupont as Crutchie, Shaw Shurley as Les, Dave DiGeronimo as Joseph Pulitzer

Supporting Actors: Jamie Riedy as Race, Matt Groves as Romeo, Mitchell Smith as Specs, Austin Smith as Elmer/Spot Conlon, Sterling Street as Albert, Matthew Quattlebaum as Henry, Mathew Fricks as Tommy Boy, Max Weaver as Mush, Joseph Tumas as Buttons, Griffin Lewis as Splasher


Lead Actresses: Adell Ehrhorn as Katherine Plumber

Supporting Actresses: Latreshia Lilly as Medda Larkin, Loren Clark as Jo Jo, Maggie Riedy as Dice, Annie Kayla as Scuttle, Abbey Sullivan as Sully, Abby Kohake as Curly, Kate Riedy as Noodles

Miss Nelson Is Missing 

Eligible for:

Best Touring Show

Actors: Carter Allen as Gregory, Andrew Anderson as Adam, Evan Harris as Detective McSmogg/Principal/Pop Hanson

Actresses: Latreshia Lilly as Miss Nelson/Viola Swamp, Adell Ehrhorn as Cheryl, Abby Kohake as Allison

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