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So what's that fog made of, anyway?

Every now and then we are asked about potential risks associated

with sitting close to the "fog" used onstage, so we thought we'd

publish the information in case others were wondering as well.

The fog you see is 70% water vapor (just distilled water from the

grocery store) and 30% fog juice. 

What's fog juice? Fog juice is non-toxic, 100% safe, and contains a mixture of Triethylene Glycol, Monopropylene Glycol, Dipropylene Glycol and Demineralized Water. While a small percentage of people are allergic to Glycols, the reaction is caused by consumption of the liquid, not through breathing it in. This combination of fog juice and water is used in 99% of all musicals and concerts throughout the world and has been a standard practice since the mid-70's. For the Safety Data Sheet for the specific fog juice used at Greenville Theatre, click the button below.

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