Policy Update

Greenville Theatre is excited to begin celebrating Season 97! We are committed to making our space a clean, healthy, safe, and welcoming environment to all. Following the latest CDC guidelines (March 2022), Greenville Theatre will now be highly recommending masks for all audience members inside of our facility. We have taken the Greater Greenville Pledge, made updates to our HVAC Air Filtration System, added brand new touchless fixtures to our restrooms, and advanced our cleaning protocol before and after each performance. 


The health and safety of our audiences, artists, staff, and entire community continue to be our number one priority at Greenville Theatre, especially as circumstances surrounding Covid-19 continue to evolve. Our entire staff, volunteers, and cast members are fully vaccinated at the theatre. 


Concessions can be located in our lobby and may be taken inside the auditorium to enjoy the show. 


As safety measures continue to shift, so will we. 

We are excited to keep welcoming you back!