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Newbies learning to use e-cigarettes, introducing Relx Infinity

I don't want newbies to learn to use an alternative product and miss out on the good stuff. That's why it's our responsibility to introduce everyone to RELX Infinity, which is really just one of each. All-around interest Even if you've never used it before, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. But how nice. If you want to know, then get over here.

Awesome alternative to RELX Infinity, a must try for newbies.

RELX Infinity is categorized as a closed system alternative. Designed by Produced in Shenzhen, China It is the second generation after Relx Zero, and one has to admit that it is doing better this round. Because of the development of various systems to come out more effectively Especially the Pod System's anti-leakage system problems, the old one was very serious. Including other systems such as an alarm when the battery runs out or an alarm when more than 5 cigarettes have been smoked in less than 5 minutes. What's more interesting is that the product design is quite interesting. Because it won the first prize in the 2020 Dot Award event with more than 60 participants. What's interesting about this e-cigarette?

When smoked, it has a soft touch. It doesn't sting or irritate the throat Also, it still absorbs a lot of nicotine, although in much smaller amounts than a real cigarette, and its aerodynamic principle is to take heat from the battery and react with the liquid to form vapor.

The Relx Pod design is very beautiful. The body is made of high quality aluminum alloy. Gives a sleek, elegant look Ready to withstand use Pocket-sized Easy to carry

The potion is carefully selected for its ingredients to make it efficient to produce. You can choose from more than 10 scents, warm and cool tones according to your needs. RELX Pod has a head of 1.9 ml. It can be used for 300-400 words or 30-45 days (depending on each individual's usage. )

Battery capacity is 400 mAh, so you can use it all day. Supports only 30-40 minutes of charging time during the day, no need to waste time charging the battery Or need to charge overnight Because if that happens, the battery will deteriorate faster than before.

However, if someone still doesn't know how to buy the best quality RELX in Australia? We recommend choosing a reliable, dependable and affordable source that is not too expensive. Or too cheap The average price starts from only 1,150 Baht. Professionals ready to answer all your questions. There is a guarantee And after sales or good service, we hope that you will buy the best amount of nicotine for your body. For your own benefit