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8 Differences Between Hairspray: The Broadway Musical and Hairspray The Film (2007)

Ever wondered what changes take place when movies are made into plays and when plays are made into movies? "Hairspray: The Broadway Musical" and the 2007 "Hairspray!" movie have many differences. Here's 8 of the biggest differences to keep an eye out for when you see "Hairspray: The Broadway Musical," at the Greenville Little Theatre, June 2-25.

1. In the Broadway musical, Motormouth Maybelle almost always speaks in rhyme. However, in the 2007 movie adaption, Motormouth is rarely heard speaking in rhyme.

2. In the movie, Tracy goes to Penny’s house and hides in her bomb shelter when she is afraid of being caught by the cops for rioting with Motormouth Maybelle, Seaweed, and Little Inez. In the Broadway production, Tracy is taken to jail and then later broken out by Link.

3. In the Broadway musical, “Without Love” was performed with Link singing directly to Tracy while she was in jail. In the film, since Tracy does not go to jail, Link sings of his love to an imaginary Tracy.

4. In the Broadway version, there are only 10 members of the council on The Corny Collins Show. In the movie version (2007), 10 new characters were added to the council, making the total 20.

The new additions are: Joey, Mikey, Vicky, Becky, Bix, Jessie, Darla, Paulie, Noreen, and Doreen. GLT’s production includes 12 council members, adding Mikey and Vicki to the crew.

5. Songs were cut from the Broadway version of the show for the 2007 movie. These songs include “Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now”, and “The Big Doll House,” both which will appear in the GLT production.

6. In the Broadway musical, “Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now” was sung with mothers and daughters as the third song in the musical. This song is only heard during the credits of the 2007 movie.

7. In the Broadway Musical, Velma and Amber take an active part in the finale and dance with the rest of the cast. In the 2007 film, Amber and Velma do not participate at all during the end number.

8. In the Broadway play, Velma does not seduce Wilbur during “Big, Blonde, and Beautiful” as she does in the 2007 movie. Instead, the stage version features Wilbur singng “You’re Timeless To Me” to Edna after Tracy’s arrest.

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