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Behind the Curtain!

To get you in the crime solving mood, we are taking you backstage and “Behind the Curtain” for the inside scoop on Craig Smith. He’s a resident company member here at GLT and the actor portraying Giles Ralston in The Mousetrap opening tomorrow, September 8th! (approximate read time, 4 minutes)

Be sure to head to our website or call our box office at (864)-233-6238 to reserve your tickets today!

Craig Smith as Giles Ralston in The Mousetrap ©Escobar Photography

Craig, where are you from originally and what was your journey to GLT’s resident company?

Well, I’m a local. I originally hail from Anderson, South Carolina, just about 30 minutes down the road. I've been working in theatre since high school and have performed with theatres in many areas of the upstate. I first worked with Greenville Little Theatre in their 2014 production of Les Miserables and instantly fell in love with the theatre and its community. After finishing up my college education at Anderson University, I auditioned for the residency program and now here we are.

What is life like as a performer?

As a working professional in the theatre, it isn't always what people think it is. It isn't all glitz and glam, and its not a particularly easy career track for that matter. Quite a bit of hard work goes into creating characters, putting lines to memory, constantly going to places that aren't always easy to go to, and performing for hundreds of people. There are dances to learn, bodies to modify, and, in my case, sets to be built (one of my other duties here at GLT). But working as a performer is one of the most rewarding things I think I could do with my life and I'm so honored that GLT gives me an opportunity to do so.

Can you tell us a little bit about your character Giles from The Mousetrap?

Giles has been such an interesting character to explore. I find many similarities between he and I which has made this process a fun one. Giles is a committed and loving husband but who does have a bit of a temper and jealous streak. He's not thrilled about this idea of running a guesthouse with his wife, Mollie, but nevertheless he endures and hopes that ultimately they can make something of it and of themselves.

What can you tell us about the show without giving anything away?

The show is a mystery...What? Not enough?

What did you think of the show when you first read the script?

This is the first mystery that I've ever done so I was very excited to get my hands on the script and get to reading. I enjoy the way that Agatha Christie uses subtle characteristics and the occasional red herrings to always keep the audience on its toes. And watch out for that ending!

Emily Grove and Craig Smith as Mollie and Giles Ralston in The Mousetrap ©Escobar Photography

What do you love most about working on this show?

The thing that I've loved about working with this show is the cast. Everyone has been so devoted to each of their characters in trying to flesh them out as well as being devoted to each other in rehearsal to pursue the truth and mystery that afflicts these characters that Agatha Christie has so carefully crafted.

What should people expect when they see this show?

The usual! Mystery, humor, and "oh yes, a rather juicy murder!”

Did you ever read any mysteries when you were younger, such as Sherlock Holmes or the Hardy Boys?

I didn't read many mysteries when I was younger but I did watch a great deal of Murder, She Wrote with my grandmother. I also was, and still am, an avid player of the Nancy Drew computer games. The age range says 12 and up so I think I'm still good.

Are there any funny rehearsal moments you can share with us?

Too many to share!

One word to describe this show?


Anything else you want to share?


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