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Over The River and Through the Woods: The Ultimate Family Production

Over The River and Through The Woods is all about family. Well, family, a whole lot of good food, bunches of love, and, of course, laughs. To get you ready for this hilarious and heartwarming comedy, I spoke with Kim and Cory Granner, a mother-son duo portraying Aida Gianelli and Nick Cristano in the upcoming show.

Q: What have you enjoyed about working on this production?

Kim: Getting the opportunity to work with my son, Cory, has been nothing short of amazing.

Cory: I usually play off the wall characters or characters who are younger than I am. So it's been fun playing someone who is "normal" for the most part and grounded.

Q: Your son, Cory Granner/mother, Kim Granner is in the show as well. What is it like sharing the stage with him/her again after 25 years?

Kim: Portraying characters that are related and actually being related in real life creates a connection and dynamic that brings the acting to another level. It gives deeper meaning to the scripted lines that I hope shows on stage.

Cory: It's fun! Having her up there with me really drives me to do my best work.

Q: What is your fondest memory of Cory/your mom from when he/you were growing up?

Kim: Seeing him light up when he was pretending to be someone else. At the age of 3 he would mimic game show hosts that he saw on TV. It always made me laugh.

Cory: Never a dull moment. One of the funniest memories

that my sister Kasie and I still enjoy is when Mom was filming me roller skating & I fell and hit my head on a car, almost breaking my neck. She flipped out!! My dad thought it was hilarious and sent it in to 'Americas Funniest Home Videos'. To this day, my sister and I will watch the footage over and over again when we're all together, but my mom has to turn away, which then makes us play it for her 8 more times. She hates us for it.

Q: How is your relationship with your son/mother different from Nick and Aida's relationship in the show?

Kim: In some ways I'm not sure that it is so different. Aida wants what is best for her grandson, just as I want what's best for my son. But Cory will tell you I never feed him like Aida feeds her grandson.

Cory: I think some parts are quite a lot a like. We were always trying to do what's best for each other. But Aida cooks a whole lot more then my Mom. Kim cooks twice a year - Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Q: What is something you hope the audience takes away from this production?

Kim: The show is all about the importance of family. Keeping those connections to family and extended family is something everyone should grab hold of and not let go.

Cory: That family is important, but to also make your life something of your own doing.

Make sure to get your tickets to see Kim and Cory Granner in Over The River and Through the Woods playing here at GLT October 27th through November 12th! Head to our website or call our box office at 864-233-6238 to get your tickets today!

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