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Surfin' USA: 11 Things You Might Not Have Known About the Beach Boys

Since the Sounds of Summer: The Beach Boys Tribute will be here in just a little over a week, it's time to brush up on your Beach Boys knowledge! Few bands can define an era or sound, but if you know the Beach Boys, you know that they did both. While many groups sang about surfing, the Beach Boys took the cake when it came to this template and sparked the craze for future artists. One of the world’s top-drawing rock music groups, the Beach Boys have captured audiences for more than 50 years with songs celebrating the California dream.

But how much do you really know about the Beach Boys? Here are 11 fun facts you might not have known about this classic band.

  1. While musically the Beatles may have been the biggest rival of the Beach Boys, the bands were actually really good friends. They all worked for the same record label, after all.

  2. Though he was an extremely talented musician and singer, Brian Wilson was actually deaf in one ear. Thus, he could not hear in stereo.

  3. The Beach Boys' album, Pet Sounds, is considered one of the best rock albums of all time. Paul McCartney of the Beatles has even said the album influenced their music when it was released.

  4. Dennis Wilson lived with Charles Manson in his Sunset Boulevard home during the spring and summer of 1968.

  5. Before they were the Beach Boys, the group called themselves the Pendletones. Other potential name options included Carl and the Passions & Kenny and the Cadets.

  6. The Beach Boys were fined by their manager for a number of behaviors. They allegedly each had to pay $100 for cussing and $50 every time they hung out with a girl.

  7. Though their music capitalized on the surfing craze and both the bands name and albums portrayed a love of surfing, only Dennis Wilson among them was able to surf in real life.

  8. The Beach Boys became the first American rock group to play in a Communist country when they performed in Czechoslovakia in 1968.

  9. When the Beach Boys toured, they had particular requirements they asked be provided at their performance locations. They asked to be provided with a masseuse/masseur qualified in Swedish or Oriental deep muscle massage. Also, loyal to their environmental concerns, they always asked for recycling bins.

  10. Brian Wilson could not contain his excitement upon seeing Elizabeth II in the flesh at a 2002 royal gala. On seeing the English monarch, he shouted: “Hey Queen!” Wilson recalled to The Guardian: “I yelled it out. She didn't say anything back.”

  11. The Beach Boys are regarded by Timothy White from the New York Times and many music lovers as “the most successful musical group in American history.”

Wish you could see the Beach Boys live in concert? Well, you can! Well, as close to the real thing as you can get here at GLT August 9th-12th! This is one tribute concert you don't want to miss and tickets are going fast. Give us a call at 864-233-6238 or click here to secure your seats today. It's not gonna be just fun, it’s gonna be fun…fun…fun!

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