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Behind the 'Wait Until Dark' Curtain with Camila Escobar

With the final weekend of Wait Until Dark approaching we decided to take you backstage before this spine-tingling thriller comes to a close on November 11th. To get the inside scoop on the chills, thrills, and all the fun details I spoke with Camila Escobar who plays Gloria in GLT's

production of Wait Until Dark.

Headshot of Camila Escobar

Q: Tell me what it is like being the youngest member of this production with an

already small cast?

A: I really enjoy being the youngest member of this production. I am surrounded by so many talented professionals that I look up to and that I learn from every day. I also appreciate that although I am the youngest in the cast, I am held to the same standards and expectations as the adult actors. Because of the small cast size, I feel personally connected to everyone, and I’m very grateful for the chance to work

with all of them.

Q: What have you enjoyed about working on Wait Until Dark?

A: This was my first chance to work with Allen on a straight play since I’ve always done musicals at GLT. I really enjoyed working with him. He is an incredible director, and I’ve learned and grown so much working on this production. I also really enjoyed working with such an amazing cast. Everyone is so talented and supportive, and very inspiring to me as a young artist.

Camila Escobar in Wait Until Dark

Q: How does this show compare to other productions you have been a part of at GLT?

A: My prior shows at GLT have all been big musicals. Wait Until Dark has been a much different and more difficult experience. The rehearsal process is more concise, and I had much more work to do on my own outside of rehearsal. I also really liked the intimacy of each scene in this play. Rather than having my focus outward towards the audience throughout the show as I might in a musical, I feel extremely connected to the actors I am in scenes with. Overall, Wait Until Dark has been a great experience, and is one of my favorite performances to date.

Q: What is your favorite part about playing this role?

A: I really enjoyed embodying the physicality of the role- Gloria was both grounded and sharp, but she was also soft at certain times. I also enjoyed the connection with Susy and how it grows stronger throughout the course of the play, and I think this connection becomes very important to the arc of the play. I also really enjoyed playing around with Gloria’s sense of humor.

Camila Escobar and Claire Clauson in Wait Until Dark

Q: What kind of research did you do to prepare for this role?

A: I researched about the time period before starting the show. I also researched things in the script that I was unfamiliar with before starting rehearsals. Character-wise, I observed physical choices of several people in real life and found things that I could apply to Gloria. I observed younger kids, because Gloria is a character who is a couple years younger than me, and I wanted to be authentic. I also went through my script and gave actions, adverbs, and subtext to each line.

Q: Why would you recommend this show to audience members?

A: I would definitely recommend this show to audience members because of the compelling and bone-chilling story, the awesome technical and theatrical effects, the amazing direction, and the incredible actors with that I have had the opportunity to work with. I also believe that this show caters to a wide variety of audiences. This show has been so much fun, and I am very grateful for the chance to work on it.

Don't miss this masterfully constructed thriller. There are only 4 performances left so hurry and call our box office at 864-233-6238 or click here to purchase tickets from our website.

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