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Getting To Know Fagin's Gang | An Interview Series | Feature # 6 | Bailee Loging

All of the children are absolutely exceptional in our production of Oliver!, and today's feature will only help continue to showcase this as we get to know another member of Fagin's Gang. She's hardworking, talented, and driven. Her name is Bailee Loging, she is 13 years old, and is therefore one of the eldest members of Fagin’s gang. This being her first show at Greenville Theatre I asked how she liked being a part of Oliver! so far.

“I really like working on Oliver!, it’s really fun. My favorite thing is meeting new people and working at a new theatre,” she said. This is actually her first show that has a cast of actors of all ages and she told me,

“I like being in a show with adults because you get to see how they work and learn from them.” She also mentioned how much she enjoys working with choreographer Kimberlee Ferraira,

“It’s really fun and she pushes us to be better,” she noted.

Bailee has been doing theatre for just a couple years now, with Lion King Jr. at Christ Church Episcopal School (CCES) being her first production, so I was curious how she got started.

“I just decided to try out for Lion King Jr. and I wasn’t that interested in it when I first started. I kind of just did it for fun but now I’m more serious about it.” At that time she was only 10 years old. Being cast as a member of the ensemble in this production she began to develop a drive and desire to land lead roles in shows. She then went on to do Shrek Jr. at CCES, playing Pinocchio when she was 11. “This role was a lot more fun,” she chimed in. Pinocchio gave Bailee the opportunity to be a soloist in the show but also join the ensemble in group numbers as well, often described as a ‘supporting lead’ in theatre. This only further pushed her to work harder and hone her craft in theatre. Next up was Seussical, still at CCES, when she 12. Her hard work paid off and she was cast as JoJo.

“Oh it was really fun! I especially liked getting rolled around in the bathtub and riding around on a scooter.”

Next up, Bailee decided to branch out from doing school theatre and auditioned at South Carolina Children’s Theatre for Madagascar where she was cast as the Foosa Leader/Lemur. She told me she enjoyed branching out and having the opportunity to work with some new people at this theatre. Then Bailee auditioned for Shrek Jr. at Mauldin Cultural Center and landed the role of Fiona. This role has certainly been her favorite to date.

“I got more opportunities to do stuff and be on stage for most of the show. I also really connected with the role because Fiona has two sides of her, and no one really see this other side until they really get to know her later in the show.”

This brings us to the present where Bailee is currently in rehearsals as a member of

Fagin’s gang in Oliver!; a supporting lead in Mauldin Cultural Center’s production of

Aladdin Jr.; and just started rehearsals at CCES as Willy Wonka in their production of Willy Wonka Jr.. As an actress in rehearsal for three different shows, I asked Bailee how she manages all these roles with her school work and personal life.

“While I’m at practice, I don’t really think about the others. That way I can remember everything. Also vocally, I am learning that I can’t be screaming and doing a bunch of stuff when I’m working on three shows. I have to make my voice a priority.”

Besides performing, Bailee enjoys wake surfing, hanging out with her friends, listening to music (favorite artists include Khalid and Billie Ellish, among others), and playing ukulele. She has been playing the ukulele for a couple years now ever since purchasing the instrument when on vacation in Hawaii. Solely self-taught, she mentioned her favorite artist to play is Ed Sheeran. Bailee has really enjoyed all the people she has been able to get to know through theatre.

“Theatre is so important to me because I have met so many people that I never would have imagined I would meet. I have made a theatre family.”

She also enjoys listening to musicals like Dear Evan Hansen, Annie, Wicked, Mean Girls, and some of her dream roles include Belle in Beauty and the Beast and Ariel in The Little Mermaid (can you see a theme here with the Disney shows?).

Always wrapping it up with my favorite final question. I asked Bailee what word she would use to describe the show Oliver!. She responded with “Dangerous.” When asked why she commented,

“Every choice that the writer included in the script is dangerous and the choices the characters have to make are dangerous. Everyone is risking a lot in the show, so my word would be dangerous.”

So there you have it, the inside scoop on Miss Bailee Loging. As always stay tuned to see who we get to know better this coming Thursday!

Tickets are also now on sale to the public for Oliver! so head to to secure your seats to this epic and dangerous musical today!

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