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Getting To Know Fagin's Gang | An Interview Series | Final Feature #15 | Albrecht Cardell

Oliver!Oliver! I can’t believe this is our last feature in our . Albrecht is 10 years old and has really started to come into his own in the theatre community. He told me, “I like working with the cast, that’s really, really fun. I have worked with Bailee Loging and the St. Clair girls before too.” He also told me his favorite song is “Reviewing The Situation,” which I was very shocked to learn. This song, for those of you who haven’t seen the show, is a solo piece performed by Fagin to the audience and a few remaining kids on stage. Well, Albrecht is actually one of the kids that Fagin sings to and he stays on stage to listen for almost two-thirds of the whole number. He told me, “I just really like it, I like the rhythm of it. I remember the rehearsal where we did that number, I got in the car that night and told my mother, ‘I get to be in ‘Reviewing The Situation’- Yay!’” He told me his favorite number to perform is “Consider Yourself” because, “it has a lot of really active choreography and I really like that about it.” Albrecht told me that he has especially enjoyed getting to know Myles Moore, who plays the Artful Dodger in the show. “I like Myles a lot; he’s really funny,” he said. Albrecht’s character Charley spends a lot of time as Artful Dodger’s right hand man so they have really become good friends during this rehearsal process. Albrecht also told me about his character in the show, “I like that I get to act like I’m sarcastic; that’s really fun because that's not usually who I am. I think its easier to act like someone you are not on stage.” interview series. I thank each and every one of you that has kept up with our interviews these past 8 weeks and has loved getting to know these fabulous 15 young actors as much as I have. Today’s final feature is Albrecht Cardell, who plays Charley in our production of

Albrecht’s previous theatrical work is growing at a rapid rate. He got his start in chorus at school. They performed a Disney song cycle where he was able to play Timon and Sebastian and sing their songs from the famous movies. This year, in fact, they are performing the The Music Man and he is playing the Music Man himself, Harold Hill. This production will open in May, so he already began rehearsals for this show. Albrecht has also been a part of the Birthday Skits at SCCT having performed Where The Wild Things Are among others. He told me, “My mom and relatives all thought I was pretty good at it and then after the Disney show my mom thought maybe it was time for a real show.” That was when they found out about the auditions for Shrek Jr. at the Mauldin Cultural Center, where he was cast as Pinocchio. He told me he had a lot of fun playing a fairy tale creature in that show. He also had a unique device that would cause his nose to grow during the show and it took a lot of practice to get this trick down just right. The director of that production was Tim St. Clair II who recommended that he audition for Oliver! here at the Greenville Theatre, and the rest is


When not in rehearsal, Albrecht enjoys playing video games, reading, hanging out with friends, and writing. He told me his favorite video games to play are Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, and Jurassic World. He explained that in the Jurassic World game you have to “virtually sustain your own theme park, like keeping a reputation and have your finances balanced, it’s super cool.” The books Albrecht enjoys reading include all sorts of fiction such as science fiction, realistic fiction, and fantasy. “I really don’t like non-fiction but I’ll read it if I have to,” he said with a grin. He told me one of his favorite things he’s read is the Harry Potter series (which he just finished) and his favorite character is Ron. He also just started the The Land Of Stories, which is about two twins that go into a fairytale land. “It’s really creative what the author did in the book,” Albrecht told me. He likes hanging out with his friends and told me they usually play

outside. When outside they usually find themselves playing Nerf war since one of his friends has a playground currently being built in his neighborhood, perfect for a Nerf war. Albrecht told me that he would like to be an actor or an author when he grows up. He enjoys writing his own fictional stories and will be auditioning to be a part of the A.R.M.E.S. program with a focus on either drama or creative writing. He even spoke about combining these two loves and potentially writing his own plays someday.

Wrapping up this final interview I asked Albrecht what word he would use to describe Oliver! and he told me, “Epic.” He said, “Most musicals are funny or kind of showy but this one is talking about a life of crime. It’s sort of darker and more of an adventure.”

This musical is truly “Epic” and we only have four more performances starting this evening. Secure your tickets by giving our box office a call at 864-233-6238 or heading to our website.

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