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Spooky Stories with The Game's Afoot Cast Members

Halloween is upon us and to put you in the holiday spirit we asked the cast of The Game's Afoot to tell us what is the most mysterious or spooky thing that has ever happened to them. The answers are downright bone chilling... and even a little silly.

Tiffany: "While performing Beggar's Opera in the basement of an old church in Astoria, Queens, I was confronted by a man's black suit coat, somewhat transparent, hanging in midair backstage for several seconds before zipping straight through me and exiting toward the downstage entrance. It was very disconcerting, and frankly I thought I was losing my mind, but I somehow heard my cue, and the show had to go on! Later, we learned that the church is known to be haunted by the spirit of a former pastor, Pastor Rippa, who typically enjoyed hanging out in the choir loft and scaring sopranos."

Ben: "I think a lot of people have experienced this, and I don’t know if this is spooky so much as unnerving. But it always gives me the chills when I see a product in a store or am talking about it with a friend and the next ad I see on Facebook is for that exact thing. The first time it happened I was in a hotel in Asheville, and I commented on some cool doors they had. A minute later I opened Instagram and there was an ad for the doors...."

Chelsea: "So, I’m a big scaredy-cat so I usually steer clear of all things spooky. But it is pretty freaky when your husband hides in the bushes at your apartment and then jumps out to scare you when you arrive. Maybe not as spooky but definitely still terrifying. We have since instituted a no-scare rule in our relationship."

Blake: "I was visited by what I believe to have been the actual witch who wrote the incantation I performed in the play, Bathory: The Blood Countess!"

Evan: "I was in an abandoned hotel with some friends and as I was walking through a stairwell that was so pitch black I couldn't see my hand in front of my face... it felt like someone shut the door so I couldn't get out."

Kelly: "When my daughter was about three years old, we had this conversation, “Mama, you know that bird in the tomb of the god of Ra? People think it’s an eagle! But it’s really a hawk!” She proceeded to collapse into a pile of giggles. I said, “Well, no, honey. I don’t know that bird. I don’t know much about the tomb either.” She looked aghast. “Mama,” she said, “Everyone knows about that. The bird flies out of the statue’s eye when it’s dark outside!” I did some investigating. Her grandparents, who took care of her while I was at work, confirmed she had been watching Egyptologists on the Discovery Channel or old black-and-white movies featuring tomb robbers. It was a puzzle. So I asked, “Honey, where did you learn about all this?” She sighed a little at my ignorance and explained, “The god of the tomb of Ra comes when I’m asleep and we go there.” ... I didn’t ask any more questions."

Elizabeth: "In my childhood bedroom there were two large shelves where I kept my late grandmother’s dolls. We would spend hours brushing their hair and carefully naming each one. When I was 10 I had a near death experience due to anaphylaxis. I laid in my bed crying that night afraid to go to sleep when all of a sudden I heard music. I got up and looked all around the room and could not locate the origin of the sound. Then I realized it was coming from one of the dolls. This particular doll was my grandmother’s favorite and there was a music box attached to doll’s stand. The music box broke in the 1970’s and despite many attempts it could not be repaired. I heard it play that night and have never heard it play again."

Beth: "I honestly don’t have any spooky stories to tell, but I LOVE spooky stories, scary movies, and Halloween in general! The source of that love could have gone entirely the other way, but it’s a funny story! When I was a 6 year old little girl in New Bern, NC, back in 1971, I got a bad case of strep throat and I was not allowed to trick or treat on Halloween night. Heartbroken, I was confined to my bed and cried because I was unable to wear my cute costume or have fun with my friends. My parents felt sorry for me and rolled the black and white television they kept in their bedroom into my room as a treat so I could watch television in my bed. The only problem? They forgot to check and see what came on AFTER the kid friendly shows they had selected and never checked on me again, thinking I had fallen asleep with the TV on. The movie that came on was Alfred Hitchcocks’s “The Birds” and I watched it from beginning to the bitter bloody end. Rather than be terrified and traumatized, that movie jumpstarted my love of all things Halloween and spooky movies! I even dressed as Tippi Hendren one year in a costume I sewed myself so that I could be ‘Melanie Daniels’ from “The Birds” and it was a hit!"

We resume performances on Friday, November 1st at 8PM and there are still some awesome ticket available for the remaining shows in our run. Click here or call 864-233-6238 to book your seats!

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