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Celebrating The Holidays With GT

We only have a few more performances of A Christmas Carol left and we have enjoyed the excitement and joy everyone has brought to our theatre! We have loved celebrating the most wonderful time of the year with you all while enjoying this story of generosity and kindness. It's a time of caring and sharing and to keep us all get in the spirit, I opened a prompt up to the members of our Greenville Theatre staff and cast members of our production of A Christmas Carol.

Prompt: What is your favorite holiday memory/tradition/activity?

“Christmas Eve is usually the part I most looking forward to. Friends and family come over. Lots of food. Lots of drink. Lots of laughter late into the night.” -Cory Granner (GT Lighting/Sound Designer)

“Something I always looked forward to growing up was watching all the old Rankin/Bass Christmas movies. Santa Clause is Coming to Town and Little Drummer Boy were my favorites. Now I love watching them with my own boys. Max's favorite Is Rudolph.” -Stephanie Underwood (A Christmas Carol Cast Member)

“Every Christmas my grandmother made special cookies, and her fruitcake cookies were a favorite. Now that my grandmother is no longer with us, I make fruitcake cookies every year using her recipe, and my family helps cut up two pounds of fruit and seven cups of nuts. It makes A LOT of cookies, which is good because all my family and friends look forward to them!” -Jean Bayne (GT Box Office Manager)

“We have large extended families with several sets of grandparents, lots of cousins, lots of aunts and uncles, and lots of travel required in order to spend time together. So, my favorite tradition is actually taking a break from the travel and chaos, and just soaking in cherished time together - just my kids, my husband, and myself, all at home on Christmas Eve through lunchtime Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve we attend a Moravian Love Feast, then wake up on Christmas morning, open presents, eat our traditional Christmas Quiche, enjoy the calm, and then kick it back into gear as we hit the road and go to my parents house for the next set of holiday visits. That moment of calm and peaceful togetherness makes me feel like time is standing still and it's the moment I look forward to most every year. “ -Emily Dymski (GT Marketing and Development Director)

“Every year, on Christmas Eve, my family attends the Christmas Eve service at my parents’ church. After the service, we all head over to my parents’ house and share a fondue dinner! When the night is finishing up, all of the female cousins sit on the staircase and take an annual picture, together!” - Adell Ehrhorn (GT Resident Company Member)

“My favorite holiday tradition is going to Greenville Pickens Speedway . I enjoy seeing all the lights and having them sync up with the music. My favorite part is the Santa area where I get to meet Santa and drink hot cocoa.” - Kyle Kerr (A Christmas Carol Cast Member)

“Since the kids were little, and continuing through present day, we have a set holiday tradition, one that stems from a tradition we kept every year during my childhood. On Christmas Eve we all put our jammies on, watch a Christmas movie together, and then both of my children will fall asleep on the couch by the tree and stay there until morning. So even though my children are now adults they still wake up in the every Christmas morning with that joy and excitement that comes once a year on that very special day.” -Aimée Quattlebaum (GT Business Manager)

“There are few things that make me feel more purposeful than by making someone feel loved. I love to a fault at times, but this time of year reminds me to give more of it less apologetically. I try my hardest to keep myself full so that I am able to give love to whom ever might be in need, in hopes that it might become a chain reaction.” -Mathew Fricks (A Christmas Carol Cast Member)

"When I was a child, my parents got me an ornament every year & when I got married, they gave me my ornaments so that we would have something for our tree. By coincidence, my husband's parents did the same, so we had a very full tree from the start! We have continued the same tradition with our boys. It's a great way to relive the years as we decorate and it's nice knowing that we are continuing the tradition with our sons." -Meridith Bickel (GT Box Office Assistant)

“My favorite holiday memory was when my family and I got to see Neil Patrick Harris read The Christmas Story at the Candlelight Processional at Epcot in 2017. Surrounded by the beautiful music of the choir and orchestra, his reading of the Luke passage was breathtaking.” -Kristi Parker Byers (A Christmas Carol Cast Member)

“I love going to the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina with my family after Thanksgiving to go and pick out a Christmas tree at a Christmas tree farm. We get hot cocoa and get to walk around and pick out a tree, meet Santa, and spend some time with just my mom and dad and brother in the mountains getting ready for Christmas. Then we come home and decorate our tree and house to kick off the Christmas season." -Cohen Clark (A Christmas Carol Cast Member)

I thank those that shared such wonderful and personal stories and wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday season! Tickets are sold out for our Friday, Saturday and Sunday performances. Call our box office at (864) 233-6238 for more information.

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