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Behind the Ragtime Curtain with Delvin Choice!

With Ragtime opening March 9th, I was fortune enough to have the opportunity to speak with Delvin Choice, who is currently in rehearsals preparing the role of Coalhouse Walker Jr. here at GLT. Delvin generously gave me time out of his afternoon to talk about his experience on The Voice, coming home to work at GLT again, and what's next on the agenda for Delvin Choice! Call 864-233-6238 or click here to buy tickets today!

Delvin Choice on The Voice

1. How do you think your experience on The Voice has helped to prepare you for your role in Ragtime?

"The Voice prepared me for this role by helping me to open up and gain freedom in my work as a performer and a storyteller. It helped me find confidence in my ability to convey to the audience the story through my character and, because of this, I hope people will be able to relate in some form, one way or another, to what Coalhouse is going through."

2. What has been the most difficult thing about working on the role of

Coalhouse Walker Jr.?

"The most difficult thing about working on this role has been removing Delvin out of the picture and channeling Coalhouse-learning how to think how he thinks, walk how he walks, and creating this character within myself. I would say this is my first time having a role of this nature and I continue to work on playing around with the idea of who he is to me so that when the audience is there, they will be able to believe who I am and not see Delvin but Coalhouse Walker Jr."

3. What has been the most exciting/rewarding thing about working on this role?

Delvin Choice Headshot
Ragtime: The Musical GLT Logo

"I would say the most rewarding and exciting thing is not only the opportunity to bring Coalhouse to life, but being able to work with this beautiful cast. This is absolutely one of the most talented groups of individuals I have had the opportunity to work with in a long time and it is so rewarding to be inspired not only by their hard work and dedication but by their gifts and talents. Greenville has been blessed with some of the most beautiful and genuine people, not just the actors but everyone. Working on this role allows me to grow with other actors in my community as well as expand and broaden my horizons, not only a singer and actor, but as a person, so I thank you guys."

4. So what does the future hold for Delvin Choice?

Delvin Choice and Jessica Eckenrod in Ragtime ©Escobar Photography

"The future is so bright for Delvin Choice! I have been so blessed to have had the opportunity to be on a national syndicated television show and now I am going back to my first love, which is theatre. I am going back to study and to better my craft to work towards hopefully landing roles on Broadway, that is my dream. God has helped me see one of my dreams become a reality and I hope this one can become one too. I am also looking into creating and recording some timeless music that I can share with the world. It's all about storytelling, that is the real joy. I hope my stories can help someone as we relate to one another through them. I pray that I continue to have the support of my family and friends and those who have supported me from day one in Greenville."

5. What should audiences expect when they come to see Ragtime?

"The audience can expect a lot of things: great music, costumes, and sets but they can also expect the truth. This is a 20th century story that is still relevant today in 2018. Many of the issues you will see onstage are just as prevalent now as they were in 1906. Issues are swept under the rug today as they were back then. Now is the time to unveil and uncover these issues. We still deal with racism, people being mistreated in the workplace, equal rights, and so many other things you will see in the show. So please do not miss the opportunity to create the conversation. I firmly believe that if you stand for nothing you will fall for everything. This is one of the reasons I decided to do this show. Change starts with us, the wave begins with us. So even if people such as Coalhouse Walker and many others in this show weren't able to cause such a wave perhaps it can start with us."

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